A Message from the CEO

It’s a new Cisco Year and a new VIP Period!

It’s a new Cisco Year, a new VIP Period, and a realigned focus for rewarding partners with VIP rebates. Cisco continues to be a leader in transforming their business and how Cisco products should be sold and consumed.  Many partners are asking how these changes may impact their rebate earning potential and how this may affect their overall profitability.

Beyond offering tools we leverage our deep understanding of Cisco programs to guide partners on how to capture more rewards and rebates.  We recently created the “Netformx VIP Index” or as we refer to it as “NVI” to look at how Cisco rewarded partners over the last 4 VIP periods and compared it to the new VIP38.  See more details in the article for how to get your copy of the NVI Report for VIP38.

Thank you to Trends and Technologies, Inc. in the Philippines who shared how they were struggling like most partners with maximizing profitability as products, price models, and incentive programs were constantly changing. You may want to check out the case study where they share how the Pipeline Insight Tool (PIT), ChannelXpert, and LifecycleXpert helped them take better control, by having the information, and insights they needed to maximize their Cisco program rebates and rewards.

Netformx is continuously developing our tools to support Cisco’s new and evolving programs. I encourage you to review all the articles in this newsletter for more details on how we not only have your back, but how we continue to make improvements to our solutions to provide Cisco partners with a better user experience and better business outcomes.

Sincerely and stay well,
Ittai Bareket