ChannelXpert v5.0 provides a new and robust LCI experience

We are excited to announce the release of ChannelXpert v5.0 for a more robust experience for users focused on managing Lifecycle Incentives (LCI). This new user interface (UI) allows for a deeper dive into managing LCI opportunities to identify eligible rewards, register, track, and analyze them. We call this new user experience “LifecycleXpert”. 

LifecycleXpert has a similar experience as the VIP UI that was released in the v4.0 ChannelXpert release.

Take a deeper dive into LCI and VIP

ChannelXpert now provides a more robust experience for users focused on VIP and LCI, while maintaining all the previous UI’s such as the Control Room, Executive Dashboard, previous VIP, LCI and other areas for rebates, opportunity, and program management. See further below for Tips navigating to both of the new more robust VIP and LCI UIs and the legacy environment.

The new LifecycleXpert helps you to:

  • Identify Lifecycle Incentive reward potential opportunities by Lifecycle phase & track
  • Register Lifecycle opportunities in Cisco PPE (Activity)
  • Track Registered Lifecycle activities & plans, monitor status, and ensure LCI rewards are collected
  • Analyze the influence or impact of earning the rewards

The 360-degree experience for LCI

Users will experience a single, simplified, and summarized 360-degree Lifecycle Incentive Reward Management view.

  • Grouped according to Workflow
    • Opportunity potentials identified by Cisco and Netformx booking analysis
    • Activity tracking according to Cisco PPE report offering quarterly views
  • Arranged in line with Cisco Lifecycle Management Phases
    • Use Activate
    • Adopt
    • Expand (coming soon)
  • Organized Adopt Opportunities by Contract Type & Subtrack
    • Enterprise Agreement (EA)
    • Non-EA
  • Segregated in Incentive Architecture Alignments & Certifications
    • Collaboration, Data Center, Enterprise Networks, Meraki, & Security
  • Aggregated by Architecture-to-Reward-Classification Payout Potential
    • Use (Activate): Software Use Cases classification & breakdown
    • Adopt:                  CSP, Small, Medium, and Large reward breakdowns
    • Expand:                Coming soon

The features and advantages of LifecycleXpert

  • Comprehensive Data Collection provides complete analysis
    • LifecycleXpert aggregates and consolidates data from numerous data sources from Cisco and Distributors into a unified Overview analysis
    • Daily Annuity (in addition to Architecture) Analysis based on booking data
  • Correlate Deal ID to Opportunities, Plans, and Activities
    • Add matching Deal ID to plans and activities to accurately track due dates and correlate data between all systems
    • Have a view of the entire journey and later consider Expand opportunities
  • Visibility to Accurate Due Dates and Actions to Take
    • Corrects for Inconsistent Cisco PPE Expiration Dates for Adopt Activity
      • LifecycleXpert uses the Booked Order Date to start the 90-day CSP expiration timer
      • Clear timeline of upcoming and last submission date to avoid surprises
    • LCI Actionable Insights
      • Notification messages inform of pending Customer Success Plan (CSP) expiration dates and required actions
    • Increase Customer Success Plan Submission Rates
      • Attain higher success rates by submitting CSPs on-time (or early)
      • Reduce missed expiration dates with actionable insights to Adopt and Use submission deadlines for PoP, CSP / SBO
  • Streamline Quarterly Analysis and Setting Priorities
    • Select and control the assigned subtracks so quarterly limits are properly reflected
    • Label the Enterprise Agreement (EA) Architecture for classification & automatic calculation of reward potential
    • Identify where EA is listed as a subtrack and adjust as appropriate
    • Navigate to up to 5 previous quarters for analysis
  • Track Individual Opportunity & Activity Characteristics
    • Expose comprehensive and full details via additional easy-to-understand submenus
    • Hover-over pop-up messages provide detailed information on elemental transactions and important conditions
  • Automated Tally of Submissions based on Cisco Customer Experience Specialization
    • Non-Advanced Customer Experience Partners face per-quarter CSP submission restrictions
    • LifecycleXpert automatically tracks and reports submission limitations

Tips to navigating to the new UI or the legacy features

  • You may need to clear your cache to see all the new features.
  • When you login you will see the new interface which defaults to the new VIP interface. However, the dropdown menu will also take you to the new LCI experience know as LifecycleXpert.
A New Tab to Choose the Programs you want to Manage
  • If you go to the Control Room, you will be in the legacy environment.  To return to the new UI, Click on the New Tab
Accessing the New User Experience from the Control Panel

If you need assistance with training with any of the ChannelXpert features, including the New LifecycleXpert features, contact or your account manager.