Is your sales motion aligned with Cisco’s Strategic direction for VIP38?

It’s a new Cisco Year and a new VIP Period. Are you aware how the VIP program focus has transitioned from selling on-premise to digital solutions?

Can you answer these questions:

  • What are you selling today versus tomorrow for Collaboration, Data Center, Enterprise Networks, IoT, Mass-scale Infrastructure, Meraki, Security for Annuities and Architecture?
  • VIP Rewards continue to change especially for VIP38:
    • Do you know what subtracks will get you the highest reward %?
    • Do you know what SKU’s will reap the most rewards?
    • Are you evolving your sales strategy to align with Cisco strategy?
    • What are you doing to maximize your VIP rebates in the new period?

Get your ‘Netformx VIP Index Report’ for insight on where it may make sense to adjust your selling motions for VIP38.

Netformx leverages years of experience with the Cisco VIP program to apply logic to automated data from Cisco and Distributors. This provides insights to the partners business, how they are investing their energies in Cisco’s programs, and their success at earning rebates, or if they left money on the table.

Want to learn how the ‘Netformx VIP Index Report’ can provide answers to VIP38 changes?

Complete the form or contact your account manager or The report will be sent to you within 48 business hours via your account manager.  This report is only available to Cisco Partners.