Insights to wrap up VIP37 shipping and secure your rebates

The final step to getting your VIP37 rebates is to make sure the order is shipped prior to October 30, 2021, and per Cisco’s requirements.  But having clear visibility to what still needs to be shipped can be tricky.

Additionally, if there is something out of your control such as a supply chain issue, do you know what to do next? Your best resolution might be to open a case to mitigate the risk of not earning the VIP rebate. There are a lot of nuances in these situations, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

ChannelXpert customers can rely on our expert services to help analyze the shipping data, ensure it is accurate, and create a case if necessary. Just contact your account manager or for assistance.

Not a ChannelXpert customer yet? You can still reach out to us.