DesignXpert BOM Analyzer to Increase Profitability During the Design Stage

(Released April 11, 2018)

Netformx DesignXpert has been updated to leverage data from the Netformx ChannelXpert – BOM Analyzer module which can automatically identify missed opportunities to increase profitability. ChannelXpert now integrates with DesignXpert so that the ChannelXpert insights into vendor promotions and incentives are available during the solution design phase. By automatically presenting—as designs are being created—alternate SKUs that are eligible for rebate, companies can readily take advantage of partner promotions and incentives while eliminating design rework. In addition, BOMs created in DesignXpert can be quickly and seamlessly analyzed for missed opportunities.

DesignXpert users will see a new BOM Analyzer Button, but there are certain criteria required to be able to utilize this new feature. There are 3 different responses you may receive once you click the BOM Analyzer Button which is defined based on your access criteria.

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS: DesignXpert Users whose company has access to ChannelXpert can leverage the BOM Analyzer Data pulled from ChannelXpert.
    • DesignXpert users get access to the real-time data to make the appropriate adjustments to optimize your BOMs in the early stages of the design process.
  • ONBOARD TO THE HUB: Your company may be a ChannelXpert user, but you will receive a notice to onboard to the hub if you are not already onboarded to the Hub with Project Repository access.
    • To get onboarded to the Hub you will need to set up your Project Repository Hub User Credentials (corporate email address and associated password).
    • To get started contact your account manager or
  • EXAMPLE DATA: If your company does not have access to ChannelXpert, you will see a non-working Project sample demonstrating the type of data and feedback you could receive from the BOM Analyzer.
    • If your company is interested in onboarding to ChannelXpert, contact your account manager or