DesignXpert v18.6

(Released August 7, 2018)

DesignXpert v18.6 continues Netformx’s commitment to improve your design and configuration experience with several enhancements.

  • Full adoption of Cisco ONLINE CORE (Configuration Online Rules Engine)
    • DesignXpert now offers a similar experience to CCW’s configuration, validation, and pricing accuracy.
    • The adoption of ONLINE CORE completes the transition that started with DesignXpert 18.3, and now aligns to Cisco B2B business practices for configuration and design.
  • A new XAAS (Anything-as-a-Service) Subscription User Interface
    • A streamlined configuration experience to define Subscription-based SKUs parameters.
    • Easier access to configure the Term, Billing Model, and Auto-Renew Term settings.
    • Superior control over Subscription Starting & Ending dates.
  • Expanded Project Repository Storage Options
    • The Netformx Hub, Project Repository, and SalesXpert now supports storing file attachments associated with your customer’s Netformx Project and design work.
    • Look for the new Files Manager icon inside the Collaboration tab, Project Repository section.
    • Full storage control is now available to support adding your files to your Project in the Netformx Hub, or downloading them from a Project stored on the Repository back to your host system via DesignXpert.
    • Full directional control to move files between DesignXpert, SalesXpert, and your desktop.
    • Use of the Netformx Hub & Project Repository from inside DesignXpert still requires set-up for your organization along with a valid set of username and password credentials defined in Options / Project Repository.
    • For more information on the Netformx Hub, Project Repository, and SalesXpert, please contact your Netformx Account Manager or