DesignXpert v18.0

Netformx is pleased to announce this major release of DesignXpert v18.0. This major release includes substantial enhancements to the user experience.

You wanted a better DesignXpert experience. You asked for more control and to make it easier to find the exact functions you need inside the toolbar to do your work more quickly and efficiently. You wanted a simplified user interface. You wanted visual queuing so you could immediately find and correct problems on the design canvas. You wanted a deeper undo pool, to make it easier to back out and fix work errors. With DesignXpert v18.0, all this is available and much more.

DesignXpert 18.0 is more responsive and even easier to use than before. Areas of improvement include:

  • Eliminated Complexity & Clutter with significant visual enhancements to the user interface.
  • Improved User Control with a redesigned and streamlined interface.
  • Enhanced Design Accuracy with nearly 100% content alignment.
  • Enriched DesignXpert Experience with a new project database.
  • Increased Product Stability with expanded testing and development cycles.
  • Significantly Reduced Tech Support Requests with adjustments to the Installer and Updater.

By setting your Updater to Automatic, DesignXpert will self-upgrade and give you access to these features and much more.

Netformx Hub and Project Repository to collaborate, protect and analyze your projects

Added to the ribbon is a Collaboration Tab called “Project Repository” that provides easy to access elements.

  • Open (Projects stored in the Project Repository)
  • Save (your Project to the Repository)
  • Share (your Project with other onboarded DesignXpert users) and
  • Upload Manager (to see the status of the save actions happening in the background).

Organization’s and users that have taken the steps to onboard to the hub will have access to free online storage capabilities. All you need to do for access to the new DesignXpert Simple Save features, along with the advanced features of Project Collaboration and Project Sharing, is to set up a valid Project Repository Username and Password. To receive these credentials, you will need to do the following:

  • Email your Netformx Account Manager and let them know your organization would like to be set up for access to the Netformx Hub and Project Repository
  • Please make sure this email includes a full list of DesignXpert users, including their corporate contact details (first name, last name, and corporate email address)
  • Remind these users to keep their eyes open for the enrollment email coming from our authentication service – be sure they check Clutter and Junk Folders in the event your email system accidentally misclassifies this notification
  • Follow the onboarding instructions noted in the enrollment email to confirm the username (your corporate email) and password
  • Once approved, enter the username and password inside the DesignXpert Options?Project Repository section and select the option to have DesignXpert automatically save Projects on the Netformx Project Repository

Just a few easy steps to collaborate, protect and analyze your projects.