DesignXpert v18.0.1

(Released August 8, 2017)

DesignXpert 18.0.1 included many minor modifications and corrections aimed at providing more meaningful user guidance and statements to make the application itself easier to control and understand. For customers who contract with Netformx to build robust and focused add-on packages to their base DesignXpert implementation, this release includes a comprehensive new tool designed to streamline the add-on development and testing processes. The release includes the following changes:

  • Expanded Functionality – increased alignment with other applications used by our customers.
    • Support for Visio 2016 visio.vsdx extension to enable the importing & exporting of enhanced Visio 2016 files.
  • Improved Usability – allowing the DesignXpert BoM output to sequence and match SKU order in CCW.
    • Enables the new DesignXpert SKU attribute to track and match the SKU sequence line number appearing inside CCW.
    • New CCW Upload option triggers SKU sequence order.
    • Updated the Detailed Estimate (CCW Estimate ID) for you to use to demonstrate this capability.
  • Reduced Complexity – adjustments to the user interface making it easier to use the application.
    • Modification of the ‘Open Existing’ Dialog box and Reenabled the “Open Template” Dialog box to improve the overall user workflow.
    • The Project Repository Tab elements are now enabled by using valid Netformx Hub User Login Credentials for an improved Netformx Hub user experience.
    • Addition of the Apply Button to test Project Repository Login Credentials for better user onboarding, credential testing, & system feedback.
    • The suppression of inaccurate Project Repository error messages for improved Simple Save operations.
    • Correction to the Submit Support Request dialog box to enhance user experience when seeking assistance from Tech Support.
  • Introduced New Features – providing better support for PSO-customers who utilize Advisors and need to load test libraries.
    • New internal Plug-in Manager support establishes more consistent capabilities and support for Advisors and other associated functions, for those clients who participate in Professional.
    • Service Engagements with Netformx.
    • Triggered within the Netformx Updater.
    • Will be used by future users to self-enroll in the beta or production releases.
  • Enhanced Infrastructure – to ensure alignment with industry best practices and security needs.
    • We continue to remove Microsoft Access dependencies as Netformx continues to improve the underlying programming & tooling systems.
    • We upgraded our infrastructure to support Microsoft XML6.0 to maintain compliance with the latest MS security notifications and release trains.