DesignXpert v18.1

(Released January 2, 2018)

DesignXpert v18.1 continues Netformx’s commitment to enhanced design features including:

  • Simple Save Version 2: Simple Sync Notification for Project Overwrite
    • Users onboarded to the Netformx Hub with Simple Save enabled will benefit.
    • During a Save or Save-As operation, DesignXpert warns about an overwrite if you have an existing copy of the Project in your Hub’s Project Repository.
    • The reverse is also true - an overwrite warning appears if you attempt to open and download the Project from the Hub when its matching Project is open and in use on your local machine’s canvas.
    • The warning message allows you to continue (overwrite) or stop your Save, Save-as, or Open process.
  • Cisco Services enhancements enable standalone Cisco SmartNet configurations
    • All Cisco users benefit from this update.
    • You can use the ‘Find in Library’ option to search for Cisco SmartNet Services.
    • DesignXpert’s configuration window now supports the full configuration dialog to define and validate standalone Cisco SmartNet Services when sold separately from Cisco hardware.