DesignXpert RF Replacement

Netformx has improved on the recent RF Replacement option inside of DesignXpert with new features and triggers. For additional details on RF Replacement, you may want to reference the May 12 article.

RF Replacement feature details:

  • Allows the user to cost reduce a single configuration or an entire design using ReFresh SKUs
  • Refresh RF Replacement triggers the swapping out of new for a matching configuration comprised of Remanufactured or reFurbished SKUs
  • Using RF Replacement effects the CCW Estimate only; no SKU modification happens within the original DesignXpert Project
  • Upon RF Replacement, DesignXpert presents the user with a side-by-side comparison of costs and matching replacement details
  • The RF Replacement analysis details successful or partial/incomplete replacements; only complete replacements upload to CCW

New Triggers

  • Search for RF Replacement found inside the Cisco CORE Configuration Window
  • Enables the user to find an RF solution for a single-configuration
  • User can upload the single RF-based configuration into their CCW Estimate repository
  • Make RF Replacements in CCW Estimate found inside the CCW Estimate Scope upload dialog box
  • Enables the user to find the RF replacement for the complete design
  • Users can upload the full RF-based design replacement into their CCW Estimate repository

A Walkthrough of the New Features

RF Replacement option in CCW Estimate Scope
RF Replacement Results
"I" Clickthrough (detailed view)
New Property Attribute inside DesignXpert

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