Partner Incentive Tool v2.2

(Released January 28, 2019)

Watch the video on the updates in the PIT portal: Go to "?" > Tutorials

Using agile development we are able to make more frequent updates to PIT v2.2 and the Margin Incentive Tool (MAT) v1.2. The most recent updates to both of these products include:

New Export to Visio action (beta) – available for users with Visio installed on their host machine.

  • First-time use prompts a small download to install the Visio Add-in.
  • Second-time use triggers a file download that includes the Visio icons matching the top-level SKUs in the Estimate.
  • Available in the PIT Analysis page for you to quickly produce a Visio diagram for the work in progress after promotion & incentive analysis.
  • Available in the MAT Analysis page for you to produce a Visio diagram for the final customer quote after pricing.
  • Tell us what you think by clicking the “?” in the upper right-hand corner of the PIT & MAT UI, selecting “Leave Feedback,” and sending us your comments in the window by clicking the “Send Feedback” button once you finish.

New PIT User Administration & Control

  • The PIT Administrator can now control AM & PM roles for the users.
  • Please contact your Netformx Account Manager to have an Administrator assigned to your instance.
  • More administrative features coming soon.