PIT/MAT 4.5 - Notifications, Filtering, and Estimate Analysis Improvements

With the release of v4.5 of the Partner Incentive Tool we introduce a revamped look and feel from login to utilization with a focus on notification improvements for LCI and more.

Notification Improvements

  • There are new features on the landing page to support Notifications that include:
    • A new Notification Column
    • A Pop-up function for Notifications
    • The ability to filter Notifications
  • The Notification column and hover-over message indicates if the Estimate meets the following condition(s)
    • Lifecycle Incentive
    • EoX (End of xx) Milestone
    • Price Updates (both increases and decreases)
  • With the filtering of Notifications the user can isolate the Estimates based on the selected triggers.

Estimate Analysis Improvements

  • The Estimate Analysis interface has been refreshed with a 3-dot dropdown indicator in the top bar that allows for several actions:
    • Reset
    • Open in CCW
    • Edit in CCW
    • Strategic Alternates
  • A Notification Button has been added in the Summary User Interface to indicate the number of impacted conditions and the number of impacted SKUs for each condition.
  • There are new Parent SKU flags that provide hover-over messaging in the lower Estimate line pane. The interface now provides the user with additional SKU-level informational attributes on the following:
    • EoX - expand the parent part to view the milestone attributes noted for the pertinent child SKU
    • RF - expand the parent part to see the suggested Cisco Refresh SKU
  • SKU Level Notification Filtering is now available from inside the lower pane of the User Interface.