PIT 4.3 - Alerts and Messaging for Anticipated Price Changes

The latest update to the Partner Incentive and Margin Analysis Tools v4.3 introduces alerts and messaging to indicate the Estimate contains anticipated price changes (increases and decreases) for Cisco products and services.

Per the screen shot below, upon opening the Estimate for analysis, the user receives a(1) generalized warning about the number of SKUs affected, and (2 & 3) hover over the SKU level to see the exact price variation. The analysis summary UI (in the left-pane) reveals the (4) price modification date and impact to the Estimate’s total extended list price. Users will find similar price change notification and SKU-level hover over details inside the Margin Analysis Tool.

Other minor modifications to layout include

  • Improved UI for displays, like laptop monitors, set to lower resolutions
  • Slight reorganization of the main PIT landing page layout
  • Changes to the filtering options to provide better control over the main display of Estimates
  • Opening the CCW Estimate in a new browser tab by clicking on the Estimate ID on the main landing page
  • Product categorization filtering inside the Estimate analysis pane