PIT/MAT v3.1 - Improved Experience for both AMs and PMs

(Released July 8, 2019)

The 3.1 Version of the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) includes improved SmartNet Calculation accuracy for the AM user and new features for the PM user with a toggle button to change views from PM to AM, a new self-service User Management System, and a new feature to define groups for reporting purposes.

With the PIT 3.1 update, Netformx focused on 2 key areas:

  1. Enhanced SmartNet Accuracy
    • Multi-year cost discount calculations now automatically appear for +24 month durations.
    • Cost calculation improvements when you identify the SmartNet portion as New or Renewal, Takeover, and Education-based (outside of E-Rate) opportunities.
  2. New User Management System (UMS)
    • A new common UMS for all Netformx SaaS solutions.
      • A single company administrator can now manage and monitor the UMS for all users of PIT, MAT, ChannelXpert, AssetXpert, SalesXpert, and future SaaS solutions.
      • This also means single sign-on for users for all our SaaS offerings.
    • Self-Service access for new user enrollment, user permission(s), and role assignment(s).
      • New AM-PM role, which allows a single user to toggle between acting in Analytics (AM) or Management (PM) capabilities.
    • Report Group definitions with user-to-group assignment control
      • Group filters appear in Usage/ROI reports for a deeper understanding of user & group activities.

Internet Explorer is No Longer Supported

Internet Explorer version 11 contains outdated tooling, incompatible with the latest PIT upgrade, and therefore Netformx advises any impacted users to immediately switch over to one of the other supported browsers when working in PIT & MAT: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Opera.