Competitive Specialization Modeling

As we mentioned in the previous GM Message, there are a number of new features and options being added to the Pipeline Insight Tool (PIT).

The first of these is an improved modeling feature which will enable users to include potential ROI on ‘what if’ scenarios on ‘your’ Specializations in addition to your competitors. This will allow you to do easier Competitive reseller Modeling.

You can do a ‘What if’ scenario on BOMs today, and soon on Estimates and Approved Deals as well.

The Steps to Model a Deal by adjusting Specializations

  • If you don’t have a BOM to upload, go to PIT and export a BOM from an BOM.
  • Give the BOM a new name and ‘Upload the BOM’.
  • Go to the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT).
  • Open the BOM.
  • Select the appropriate Specializations for you or your Competitor. You can find their specializations by looking them up in the Cisco Partner Locator Tool.
  • Select Apply to run the analysis.
  • You can name the results and save them for comparison against other ‘What If’ scenarios.
  • You can also do the Deal Partner Specialization Modeling by switching the sliders. The Report Summary will reflect what you have done on the sliders, so you can save the Report Summary.

You can run as many scenarios as you like to see your ROI if you were to achieve other specializations or compare against your competitors.

If you have any questions contact for assistance.