Partner Incentive Tool v2.3

(Released February 24, 2019)

There were a number of changes to the AM and PM views in the release of the Partner Incentive Tool v2.3 and Margin Analysis Tool v1.3.

  • Enhancements to buttons and more on the main AM Screen
    • The Analyze button has been revised as the PIT button.
    • The CCW button has replaced the ‘Open Estimate’ button.
    • Users can now launch the MAT from the main screen.
    • The Active icon has changed from a slider to a checkbox that will immediately allow you to trigger the “All – Active” slider to All to see all suppressed Estimates.
  • New instructions to guide the AM user to a potentially better outcome.
    • Maximize your cost? Presented when user tries to do MAT analysis before doing PIT analysis.
    • Maximize your margin? Presented when user does analysis in PIT and decides to leave PIT without proceeding to MAT analysis.
  • Improved Management Tools and Reports.
    • Self-Service User Management & Control for PMs to define AM Groups by PM and to assign AM or PM access for registered users.
    • Exportable User Activity Report to identify activities by user, highlighting both PIT & MAT analytics and margin gain.
    • Faster refresh cycles for client side refractor for both PIT & MAT.