PIT v5.2 Update - A new Deal Module - LCI Pipeline Report for Deals & Estimates - VIP37 Updates

Now available with the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) v5.2 release on February 22, 2021, are several valuable features for AM and PM users of the Partner Incentive Tool and VIP Calculator.

A New Deal Module for Gold Partners

A new Deal Module grants Gold Partners visibility into their repository of Approved Direct Deals cost structures (Distributor Deal details will be available in the coming weeks).   This view provides an opportunity to compare the current and potential cost optimizations through further Deal-level PIT analysis.

If you do not see your approved Direct deals, your account manager can assist you or contact sales@netformx.com.

Introducing the Lifecycle Incentive Pipeline Report for Estimates & Deals

For Partners focused on Customer Experience rewards, the Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) Pipeline Report provides the PM with clear insight into Cisco Lifecycle Incentive Reward opportunities for pre-sales and pending-sales funnel activities.  Using the PIT repository of collected Cisco Estimates and Approved Deals, the LCI Pipeline Report provides PMs with detailed analysis to:

  • Identify and track Lifecycle targeted end-customer opportunities, ranked by size, sorted according to Use (Activate) and Adopt categorization
  • Receive advanced notification of Lifecycle Incentive eligibility within the Partner’s funnel of pre-sales (Estimates) and pending (Approved Deal) sales activities
  • Create schedules and deliver automatically generated emails with attached reports to Customer Experience (CX) or Customer Success team members

Lifecycle Incentive Pipeline reports differ for Estimates & Deals

  • Estimate LCI Pipeline Report
    • Non-Analyzed Estimates carry the flag, “Not Yet Analyzed”
    • Non-Analyzed Estimates display using the SKU List Price
    • Analyzed Estimates reflect calculated SKU Costing
  • Deals LCI Pipeline Report
    • The report reflects Approved cost values from Cisco

Both reports allow the PM to create and set defined delivery schedules for the automatic emailing of either to applicable Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Success team members for advanced planning and engagement purposes.

For full details, review the LCI Pipeline Reports Guide.

Refreshed Dashboard for Lifecycle Notifications on Estimates

AM Users will experience a new dashboard for viewing Estimates and BOMs. This refreshed experience now includes a notifications summary view.

  • Track the total number of Estimates eligible for Lifecycle Incentive consideration
  • Filter & Isolate Estimates based on Lifecycle Incentive alignment
  • Classify Lifecycle SKUs & Quantities within Estimates for advanced notification to your Customer Experience (CX) or Customer Success team members

To access the Dashboard

  • From the AM Landing Page, find the Lifecycle Incentive line inside the Notification Summary
LCI Notifications Summary for Cisco Partners
  • From the main Estimate listing, trigger the Lifecycle Incentive filter, and see the resulting list of Lifecycle Incentive eligible Estimates.
LCI eligible Estimates for Cisco Partners
  • Trigger a PIT analysis and apply a similar filter keyed to the Lifecycle Incentives to view the specific SKUs within the Estimate.
LCI Filters for Cisco Partners

VIP Calculator is VIP37 Ready

VIP Calculator fully supports the list of SKUs aligned to VIP37 along with the remaining balance of the Transition Period.  Cisco retired the VIP bonus calculation for Account Breakaway and Migration Incentive programs, so the matching triggers no longer appear.

Introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) VIP Architecture

Starting with VIP37, Cisco introduced the new IoT subtrack.  The IoT Architecture now appears in the Partner Status section of the VIP Calculator and will incorporate SKU calculations where and when applicable according to BOM and Partner held certification.