A Message from the CEO

Finding more profitability isn’t as hard as you think!

In the current economic climate, Cisco partners are trying to find more profitability which often requires looking in every nook and cranny. The good news is that in addition to the automation and solutions we offer, we are also here for you with complimentary expert services to help analyze your data. My recent Blog covers maximizing VIP payments and how partners benchmark against Best of Breed companies who leverage insight and analysis on areas that could make a difference. After the analysis, Partners often realize they can capture rewards they did not know were possible. We are here for you!

I would personally like to thank our customers that are sharing their enthusiasm for the outcomes that our applications bring to their business. Mike Hurley, a long-time advocate for DesignXpert and Discovery, shares in a Case Study how intricate diagrams help win the deal. A Technologent Press Release announced how PIT, VIP Calculator and ChannelXpert helps provide a significantly better Customer Experience. Native 12’s Press Release covers the advantage of AssetXpert and Discovery to manage hundreds of thousands of customer assets with efficiency and accurate results. We are here to help you supercharge your business.

Sincerely and stay well,
Ittai Bareket