Getting more out of the Partner Incentive Tool and Margin Analysis Tool

PIT/MAT 4.5 - Notifications, Filtering, and Estimate Analysis Improvements

With the release of v4.5 of the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) we introduce a revamped look and feel from login to utilization with a focus on notification improvements for LCI and more.

Visit the PIT/MAT Product Updates page for all of the new features.

Blog: Find the Range of Margin Dollars Hidden Inside Your Estimates

Few Partners know this, but we built a small but powerful feature inside in the PIT & MAT workflow that allows you to see the minimum and maximum range of margin dollars hidden inside your Cisco business. It takes no more than 30-seconds to run this 12-step operation, and the results can be extraordinary. Read the blog.

You can also find a short video Tutorial under the help section "?" on this topic inside the Partner Incentive Tool.