The Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) updates for this quarter includes several significant enhancements.

  • Improved SmartNet Calculation accuracy: The base cost discount better aligns to New & Renewal sales, when working a Takeover opportunity, or quoting SmartNet to Educational (non K-12) eligible end-customers
  • A new user role for Managers: A manager can now toggle between PM and AM views
  • New Tenant Administration features: They include:
    • Self-service User Management System: An assigned administrator can define granular user roles, including visibility for the new VIP-Calculator,
    • Group definitions: In support of the PIT Usage/ROI report you can now align users to your corporate structure and identify users not taking advantage of the benefits provided by Estimate analysis
  • New Tutorials: We continue to add new Tutorials inside the “?”. We recommend users continue to check it out.

Internet Explorer is No Longer Supported

Internet Explorer version 11 contains outdated tooling, incompatible with the latest PIT upgrade, and therefore Netformx advises any impacted users to immediately switch over to one of the other supported browsers when working in PIT & MAT: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Opera.