Using the Netformx Application Suite, AEC Group benefits from visibility into Cisco programs and incentives, as well as renewals, and their impact on the business with increased competitiveness and margins.

The AEC Group has used Netformx DesignXpert for several years to create multi-vendor designs and proposals. They have now adopted the Netformx Application Suite, including DesignXpert, Partner Incentive Tool, Margin Analysis Tool, VIP Calculator, ChannelXpert, and AssetXpert, to gain more insights and visibility into their business. Rather than manually accessing numerous decentralized vendor databases and tools, the Application Suite accesses them automatically, applies complex analytics, enables “what-if” analysis and forecasts, and provides seamlessly integrated views. These provide business value to their customers and enable AEC Group to increase their competitiveness. Benefits include business-focused management of deals, vendor incentives and promotions, and service-attached rates for subscription and contract renewals.

“The Netformx Application Suite give us visibility into our business in ways we never had before. Netformx automates and analyzes the data from numerous systems and puts the results at our fingertips in easy-to-understand dashboards. We can now see at a glance whether we are optimizing Cisco promotions and incentives, and the status of customer renewals. Netformx has aggregated a very complex and decentralized sales environment and boiled it down into actionable insights that enable us to manage the business and focus on customer success.”
— Brad Zonghetti, VP at AEC Group

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