PIT/MAT 4.0 - New BOM Upload & More

The main feature of this release is to enhance the Partner Incentive Tool to support a new analysis workflow based on configuration spreadsheets from outside sources, such as your Distributor. We introduce a new tab item, BOMs, along with expanded capabilities. Also, we are going to start to reference the main landing page as The Repository.

Introducing BOMs –
Found in the upper-left side, to the Right of the ‘Estimates’ Tab.

Look for Tutorial Videos on the BOM Upload feature in PIT available June 1st. Just go to the "?" for Help.

  • What can you do with BOMs (BOM Uploads)? It allows you to upload spreadsheet-based configurations.
    • You can upload cost quotes from your Distribution sources.
    • Move directly to VIP Analysis for cost-based BOMs.
    • Cross-check actual vs. potential cost discount potentials.
  • Launch the BOM Upload process by clicking on the new BOM-Upload icon.
  • All uploaded BOMs appear inside the BOMs tab
    • Uploaded BOMs can leverage the PIT, VIP, and MAT analysis.
    • The default sorting is based on the BOM upload date.
    • The Upload New BOM button is found on the table header.
  • Limited PIT Analysis Available for All Cisco Price Lists
    • We removed the explicit Price List restriction (error) when clicking the PIT button.
    • Partners can open Estimates for limited analysis in areas lacking Promotion & Incentive programming logic, previously controlled by the Price List restriction (now removed).
    • Limited PIT analysis means when you click the PIT button and the Price List.
      • When PROMOTION & INCENTIVES RULES ARE AVAILABLE, Regular, DSA, K-12, & CMSP Estimate Types all appear.
  • BOM Uploads can vary.
    • BOMs including per-SKU Cost values.
      • Netformx will use these attributes for analysis purposes.
      • PIT analysis can compare actual vs. potential cost benefits.
    • BOMs without per-SKU Cost values.
      • BOMs without COST must include the calculated ‘Extended List Price’ column, which represents the SKU List Price multiplied by the SKU quantity.
      • Netformx will use the ‘Extended List Price’ column to calculate accurate per SKU Cost structures.
    • BOM Analysis Limitation (see above).
      • Full PIT analysis available for Supported Price Lists.
      • Limited PIT analysis available for Unsupported Price Lists.
  • MAT Report Export enhanced to support above operations.
  • MAT Enhancements for BOM Uploads.
    • Cost-based BOM Uploads reflect the following:
      • All cost values source from the spreadsheet and not PIT analysis.
      • All SKU List Price values source directly from the spreadsheet.
      • Margin calculations derive from spreadsheet List or Cost, depending on Price Modifier used.
    • Updated MAT Export Report reflecting the BOM Upload Source Operation.
    • Enhanced Error Checking.
      • Unrecognized SKUs (SKUs not appearing in the Netformx KnowledgeBase) will display N/A for their Unit List Price, Extended List Price, Price Discount, & Cost Discount cells.
      • Please open a support case with Netformx (support@netformx.com) if you see this condition in the MAT.