VIP34 Wrap-up and transitioning to VIP35 with ChannelXpert

As VIP34 is wrapping up, we want to ensure ChannelXpert users maximize rebates and don’t risk losing rebates through the end of the VIP34 shipping period.

  • Booking discrepancy cases: All booking discrepancy cases must be received via a CSC case by February 29, 2020.
  • Direct Orders: Must be booked with Cisco by January 25, 2020 and shipped before April 25, 2020 to be counted for rebate. If not shipped Partners will not be able to claim the rebate.
  • Standard orders placed through distribution: Products had to ship and be invoiced from the distributor by January 23, 2020 to qualify for rebates.
  • Channels Booking Neutrality (CBN) orders through distribution: Orders must book with Cisco by January 25, 2020 and be shipped before April 25, 2020
  • Distribution Sales Visibility (DSV) orders through distribution: DSV Orders must book with Cisco by January 25, 2020 and must ship and invoice from the distributor by April 25, 2020.

ChannelXpert has now transitioned to VIP35. Changes were minimal with a change to the SKU list. Additionally, the Service Provider subtrack will now be eligible for an Account Breakaway rebate that wasn’t previously available.

If you need any help with wrapping up VIP34 or questions about VIP35, contact your account manager or