With the introduction to the concept of analyzing approved CCW Quotes, users can now validate their Cisco cost discounts and, using gap analysis, identify missing potential programs and incentives for further cost reductions. Additionally, you can use the Margin Analysis Tool to calculate actual deal margin by using true Cisco cost discount. Taking the step to run what/if scenarios will give you the added bonus of comparing against potential competitor discounts.

The new Netformx Approved Quote outputs will include GDR Deals leveraging Incentives and DSA Quotes (aka Quick Quotes) using pre-defined cost discounts. The Quote UI identifies:

  • CCW Approved Cost %
  • Potential PIT Cost %, and
  • Potential PIT Yield $

What this means is that you can compare the approved Cisco Cost to potential PIT Analyzed values. You will also be able to vary the inclusion of Promotions & Incentives and identify gap conditions. Gap conditions represent missed Promotions & Incentives. This feature currently only supports direct purchases. You can use the provided feedback to improve your team’s selection of GDR incentives.