Netformx continues to enhance the ChannelXpert user experience. Users will see that the CCW-R Reports have been replaced with a better dashboard which includes providing users with introductory access to AssetXpert to manage their contracts and renewals.

With complimentary AssetXpert-Starter access, users can now:

  • Easily Manage SmartNet Contracts, Software & Subscriptions, and Cisco Assets for up to 5 of your customers. A full AssetXpert subscription will enable you to manage all your customers and more.
  • Identify Expired and Overdue SmartNet contracts
  • Track upcoming SmartNet and Software Subscription renewal windows
    • 0- to 30-day
    • 31- to 60-day
    • 61- to 90-day
  • Track Product Lifecycle Details to Ensure Non-Stop SmartNet Coverage
  • And more