WAN Recharge Incentive 101 and leveraging PIT

What is WAN Recharge?

WAN Recharge is the new Cisco Partner incentive for Cisco Edge, Access, Aggregation, Optical routers & switches portfolio. It is made available to Cisco partners through Deal Registration in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). The WAN Recharge program targets an incremental $2B in Cisco Sales worldwide.

Cisco customers are evolving their WAN providing an excellent business opportunity to Cisco partners especially with the added incentive. WAN (Wide Area Network) connects everything together, including buildings, people, Multi cloud, IoT, SD WAN, 5G, Next Security, video telepresence and more.

Optimizing the WAN Recharge Program

With recent updates to the Netformx Partner Analysis Tool (PIT), users have easy visibility on where the WAN Recharge program applies and can easily incorporate the incentive in their estimates. This provides an extra advantage over competitors who are not yet educated on the new program and/or taking advantage of this incentive.

Adding WAN Recharge to your Estimate in PIT

The Advantage of the Partner Incentive Tool

When talking to Cisco partners, we find that many of them find it hard to keep track with the constantly changing Cisco incentives. Partners often default to the DSA or a simple deal registration to take advantage of the Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP) and ignore the other incentive possibilities chained to owning the OIP. This practice often leads to lower margins and less efficient quoting process since the additional incentive programs usually offer greater additive cost discounts, which lower the Partner’s purchase costs for the BOM. Taking advantage of those chained incentives further lowers the BOM costs, which allows you to either keep higher margins or quote a deal more aggressive in order to win it. With WAN Recharge, it’s possible to enhance the total discount of an estimate to up to 90%. The PIT shows you if your estimate contains SKU’s that are eligible for this incentive and will provide a great advantage when competing on a deal.

Need a SD-WAN Refresher?

If you need an update on Cisco's SD-WAN options, you should checkout Cisco's recent blog "Secure Automated SD-WAN Partner Services Options". They educate the marketplace of the features & benefits available via SD-WAN deployments. Don’t forget to reap the financial gains made available to you when you leverage the WAN Recharge promotion via the Partner Incentive Tool

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