The Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT), for Cisco Partners, reaches its first-anniversary milestone with a host of additional features and a new usage and ROI report; we invite you to share in the celebration.
Equipment commoditization coupled with increased competitive pressures means declining profits on every customer engagement.

  • The Challenge: How to minimize your Cisco purchase costs and maximize your margin potential for each customer engagement.
  • The Answer:
    • First use the PIT analysis to identify the best combination Cisco Promotions & Incentives available to lower your purchase cost
    • Second, swing over to the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) introduced in November and see how to use the PIT analysis to further optimize your profit potential for each budgetary quote you provide to your customer.
    • Trigger the Netformx Export Visio Addon from inside the PIT & MAT and quickly produce matching Visio diagrams to attach your budgetary quote to improve your quote’s competitive edge.
    • The new usage report with ROI key performance indicators summarizes the potential cost and dollar benefits gained through your organization’s PIT & MAT analysis activity.

Companies with access to PIT also have complimentary access to MAT for a limited time. Since the number of users for these SaaS offerings is limitless, it is a great way to collaborate between those reviewing CCW Estimates, adjusting the discounting and tying it with a bow at the deal desk. The result is a more competitive proposal with the fully adjusted margin to increase profitability. Check out the short tutorials under “?” in the portal. New users with company access can register here today.
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