The User Management System for Netformx SaaS solutions

We introduced the Netformx User Management Systems (UMS) last fall.

The UMS puts the power of user management in the hands of an administrator assigned by your company. The UMS enables Partners to effectively and independently manage users in a self-service manner. The Tenant Administrator (TA) can define users and assign them to applications, roles, and groups. The UMS also provides single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

The UMS provides a complete and easy-to-use self-service portal to administer and control user access to the full range of Netformx SaaS products. Initially we introduced the UMS for the following applications:

  • Partner Incentive Tool
  • Margin Analysis Tool
  • VIP Calculator
  • Lifecycle Services Tool

With the release of UMS Version 1.3 the UMS now allows for Administrators to create new users for:

  • ChannelXpert
  • AssetXpert
  • SalesXpert

Review the Guide for updates to the UMS and Creating new users in these additional Netformx solutions.