Coming in March - BOM upload to PIT/MAT/VIPC

A new BOM upload option will provide for a more accurate VIP Rebate analysis when the Distribution source varies the cost on a per-SKU basis and for Direct Cisco Partners wanting VIP Rebate analysis on Deals & Quotes. Instead of following the strict Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) workflow procedure of analyzing Estimates for Promotions & Incentives before moving to the VIP Calculator (VIPC), users will have the flexibility to upload a cost-based BOM for instant VIP Rebate insight.

The new experience will include:

  • A new BOM Tab appearing in the top-left corner in the upper bar of the main PIT landing page
  • A comprehensive BOM Upload UI with controls to allow the user to create as many “set once and forget” upload template definitions as required to accommodate file formats from different sources
  • A new file identification methodology based on the BOM name instead of the Estimate-ID and Estimate name
  • A new BOM Upload analysis process making it easy to compare & contrast cost discounts received versus those made available by the SKU-to-Promotion alignment
  • Direct Rebate calculation experimentation using the Migration Incentive Program (MIP) and Account Breakaway bonus via toggle settings