PIT, MAT, and VIP Calculator are VIP35 ready

The Partner Incentive Tool (PIT), Margin Analysis Tool (MAT), and VIP Calculator (VIPC) now support VIP35 SKUs and Rebate calculations. The VIP35 programming update allows you to test your VIP Rebate calculation within and outside of the VIP35 Transition Period. Set your Expected Order Date accordingly to view your results.

Don’t forget to examine the kicker bonuses you receive when your PIT Analysis includes the Account Breakaway Incentive, Migration Incentive Program (trade-in), or both options as part of your PIT analysis – the additional Rebate dollars could be quite significant.

We are also working on a soon-to-be-released enhancement, exposing the new Account Breakaway rebate option for the Service Provider subtrack.

If you need any assistance with these tools, please contact your account manager or sales@netformx.com.